Lincoln Loud is the sixth kid and middle kid and first son of the Loud Family, he was stuck with his 10 sisters. He has a friend named Clyde. He is 11 years old. He likes to play video games and liked to read comics, manga, fantasy, science fiction, and novels in his underwear. He is also the quiet, relaxed, and calm one. He liked to read Ace Savy, David's Castle, and Comix Jokes. His favorite music band is SMOOCH.
Lincoln Loud

Biography Edit

Birth Edit

He was born after his parents took a ride to the president's limo after their van was broke. Lincoln Loud was going to be delivered by the president, the First Lady, and the government. The president and the First Lady took care of him. So the president and the First Lady delivered Lincoln Loud back to his family to see him

After the series ended Edit

After the series ended beyond 2020 in the near future, Lincoln was disowned by his parents and his brain got distracted by his flashbacks of him making worse mistakes and his brain exploded due to Brain Flashback Explosion Disease and started to have a meltdown and wreck havoc at his parents, his 10 sisters, and everything in Royal Woods until he got captured and taken away by the President and got turned into a cyborg. The President and his secret services planned to erase everyone in Royal Woods' memories about Lincoln Loud (Including Lincoln's 10 sisters, Lynn Sr., Rita, and Lincoln's friends). During a TV Shame, two girls snuck in the secret Labs in the White House, they first met Lincoln Loud. Several days later, the two girls turn Lincoln back to his human self, and it worked. The two girls used a teleporter to teleport Lincoln into his former home town Royal Woods. Lincoln Loud visited his old friends, but they didn't know him and felt angry. At the big city where Lincoln's former parents moved in, Lincoln Loud visited his former parents, but they kicked him out. Lincoln visited his 10 sisters in a group home, but they tackled him out. Lincoln visited with Ronnie Anne, but she felt scared and timid, until the angry mob wanted Lincoln out of town, until Lincoln Loud got caught by the President and got turned into a cyborg again. A few days later... The President told Lincoln to go on a top-secret mission to see what Viacom's up to. He headed to Viacom's headquarters, until he teamed up with the Nickelodeon Squad until they got surrounded by 10 cyborgs, the 10 cyborgs was Lincoln's 10 sisters that got captured by Viacom. Lincoln tried to attack, but sacrificed himself and got defeated by his 10 sisters. The Nickelodeon Squad retreated and carried Lincoln Loud to the White House. The President had no choice but to remove the metal parts off of Lincoln Loud by turning him back to his normal self. The President called Chris Savino to take care of Lincoln Loud. A few months passed, until Lincoln Loud's birthday, but Lincoln grew from a kid into a old person after his aging went wrong when he turned one year older. Chris Savino discovered that Lincoln is now growing into a old person instead of a year older. Lincoln Loud started to get angry at Chris and told him that he ruined his life and Lincoln told him that the Loud House TV show ruined his life and the Loud Family is dead, so Lincoln Loud died. After Lincoln's death when during the funeral, his body almagamates leaving the white hair, his clothes, and his teeth. Lincoln carried Bun Bun and stowaway in Chris Savino's vehicle and headed to the Nickelodeon Studios, and meet the Nickelodeon Squad. A few days later when Viacom captured all of the Nickelodeon Characters including him. So Viacom attempted to turn Lincoln Loud into a female, and fuse him with a doll (that was a female version of Lincoln Loud) and it worked. Lincoln was reborn as a female and were named as Linka Loud and then he'd got brainwashed by Viacom during the Viacom Massacre. After the Viacom Massacre ended. The MirrorUnDefeatables defeated Viacom and freed Lincoln and all of the Nickelodeon Characters. Now Lincoln felt like he wanted to become one of the girls and said "If you can't beat all of your 10 sisters, you have to become one of them" and joined the Nickelodeon Squad. Then the next day, Lincoln Loud felt sad that he was a female, but he still like Ace Savvy, comics, and video games. Until Spongebob and Patrick got him that he wanted. Then the next day again, It was meeting the Nickelodeon characters week, Lincoln was a Nickelodeon Promotion Character, until people saw her as a ragdoll and screamed at her. Lincoln sobbed and can't do this and came out from her humanoid skin. Until she had an idea that she brought Bun Bun and decided to go into Bun Bun and underwent a new fusion. She became a half-human and half-bunny, Spongebob and the Nickelodeon Squad felt shocked at Lincoln's new form. Lincoln decided to show the people about her new form. Then people felt blushing at Lincoln's adorable bunny form. Lincoln felt so happy that people loved her new form. But Spongebob thinked that some people might tease at her. Maybe Lincoln needed a new outfit. So the girl Lincoln could wear new clothes and looked good. Lincoln felt like she has a new life. Then the next day, the President is here to see Lincoln. But Lincoln wanted to stay with the President and wanted to move with him. So Lincoln Loud say her farewells to the Nickelodeon Squad and moved to the White House at Washington. She wanted to become one of the only kid in the White House and her name was changed from Lincoln to Linka. A month later, Lincoln heard something a meteor crash landed far from the White House. She went outside and decided to came near at it, she tried to touch it until. The meteor gave her powers such as hair color changing, gendershifting, ice powers, electric powers, light powers, psychic powers, water powers, shapeshifting, and indestructibility and changed Lincoln's white hair into orange and gave her a birthmark that says "Nickelodeon". The next day, the President saw that Lincoln was responsible for touching the meteor and decided to study a research on her that what if she has powers. The President discovered that Lincoln can change genders, transform, use powers, and change her hair color. Lincoln decided to become a hero, but the President thinks what if Viacom was wanting to capture her. But Lincoln wanted to save the world from evil. The President can let Lincoln save the world from evil. A few months later after a lot of saving, Lincoln was taking a break, until she brainstormed if music from videos games could merge together as mashupping. So Lincoln decided to search some video game music mashups, then she saw a perfect mashupper named MsDaBoss7 (a fan of Crash Bandicoot) who made music mashups of Crash Bandicoot shames and Lincoln decided to make her mashups on other video shames on YouTube (so she created her account on YouTube and named as Linka Loud Productions).

Lincoln Loud after

Lincoln Loud as President

Trivia Edit

  • His favorite color is orange (desperate that his hair is white) and orange is also the color of the logo of Nickelodeon, channel that airs the series
  • He was born during spring or summer
  • He is ambidextrous
  • It is unknown why Lincoln Loud's hair is white. There are fan rumors about such. He got that white hair as a diesase called poliosis (a lack of melanin), or he got that because of the effect of stress. Unfortunately, he was born with white hair as a recessive trait by both of his grandfather's older age (desperate that his grandfathers wasn't born with white hair)
  • He was named after the former president Abraham Lincoln, And he was named after the street where Chris Savino grew up, which was named E. Lincoln Ave.
    Lincoln Loud's Theme

    Lincoln Loud's Theme