The Resistance Normbots are Resistance versions of Doof's Normbots

The Resistance Normbots were invented after Candace-2 stoled Doof-2's blueprints of his Normbots and enforced the Resistance's rule in Danville of the 2nd Dimension

Origins Edit

The Resistance Norm Bots were designed and mass-produced by Candace-2, who assembled them into an army under her command before being sent out on a mission with a single purpose: to seize control over the 2nd Dimension and decimate all opposition against them. After Candace-2 turned her Resistance (such as Isabella-2, Buford-2, and Dr. Baljeet-2) into ruthless cyborgs. They were programmed to serve as her new second-in-command and generals of the Resistance Norm Bots. Candace-2 then proceeded on with her plot, which became a complete success, and the Resistance gained absolute supremacy over the region.