TV Shames (also called TV series made by people who are dumb and stupid) are when you mix with imagination an some bloodthirty mutants. They are designed to get people addicted to them so they will waste away anytime, some TV Shames are TV shows (that were cancelled or banned) that were called “scolded TV shows”. Other TV shames are somewhat ripoffs or parodies of other TV shows (including M.A.D. and Robot Chicken). Other TV series that are too inappropriate that were also TV shames too

List of TV Shames Edit

  • Banned TV Series: TV shows that are banned now were TV shames
  • Cancelled TV Series: TV shows that are cancelled now considered as TV shames
  • Parody TV Series: TV shows contains bad parodies or mashup parodies of other TV series are also TV shames
  • Comedy TV Series that were too inappropriate: TV shows that has inappropriate scenes such as swearing, nudity, sex, bad words, and too much violence. It has bad parodies and bad scenes of other series (TV, Video Games, Book, Comics, and etc.)