Video Shames (were video games invented by a horde of ****** and other online predators) are also banned video games (including the very infamous Phillips CD-I video games including Hotel Mario, Zelda: Wand of Gamelon, Zelda’s Adventure, Link: Faces of Evil, and I.M. Meen) that were known as “scolded video games”. But some video shames were also MMO online video games that sometimes have memberships that will troll you by stealing your money (well, Webkinz, Club Penguin, or Animal Jam and others do that), Parody games are also video shames too. Bronies and Weeaboos somewhat loved it or not.

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Types of video shames Edit

  • Banned Games: Video Games that are banned now considered as video shames
  • Bootleg Games: Video Games that were sold illegally for eternity and now were mentioned as video shames
  • Make-believe or Fake Games (UnVideo Games): Video Games that are made up or not supported or they even pretend (with bad behavior). For example: Po Colors, Po Unleashed, Po Generations​ are bad or evil shames of the Teletubbies TV show now seen in the UnAnything Wiki, now video shames
  • MMORPGs and Virtual World Games: Some online virtual world or MMORPG games that run on real world money as gasoline that could troll you or steal your money if you buy their membership at stores or even online, cause they were tricksters or they were using you as a force to buy or earn membership or be limited as pain and loss or disrespect (because they hated non-members, former members​, free players, and alumni accounts and only gave members mostly their freedom). Some of these virtual world online games and MMORPG online games that steal your money are considered as internet trolls and online shames (MMOs also craves new features and parties by stealing children's money and limiting too much free players' freedom)
  • Cancelled Games: Video Games that were cancelled are now video shames
  • Shame Versions of other games: Shame editions of released video games are also imposter shames. Because shame versions of video games were the same series, but fake versions of released video games and now convinced as video shames
  • Creepypasta Games: Video Games that has a creepypasta side when you lose a life or eventually reach GAME OVER from 1 to OVER 9000! You might played the creepypasta side of your favorite video game. Video Games that has creepypasta sides that are video shames also