Webkinz is a MMO online game (and even plush pets that come to life in an virtual reality world) that is created by Ganz where you could play, dress up, bathe, exercise, and feed your pet. Unless there are MOAR! limited rules that could ruined free players’ fun and locked their inventory and forced them to adopt a pet and make their family grow by buying webkinz plush pets. Webkinz liked Full Members and Deluxe Members than plain and puny free players. Deluxe Membership cost real money and could be expensive and were a killer. Webkinz has daily events including Wheel of Wow, Gem Mining, Wishing Well 2, Spree, Jumbleberry Fields, Zumwhere, Fairy Falls, Magic Mire, Alyssa’s Star Challenge, Woodland Wonders, and Wacky Bingoz including hourly events like Prize Klaw, Quick Draw, Quizzy’s Blast, Balloon Dartz, Token Balloon Dartz, Wheel of the Month, Wheel of Yum, Wheel of Wishes, Jellybean Challenge, and others that could trick you and foil and ruined your luck and skills by tricking you and force you to wait until tomorrow again by again like trolls. Webkinz is really a big internet troll and a MMO online shame. But it was still a fun game to play. Click here to go to Webkinz

Facts Edit

  • Webkinz has a Ganz Estore website and Webkinz Newz website
  • Webkinz also released Webkinz Friends in Facebook, however been shut down due to a lack of audience and ability to add new content
  • Webkinz also retires and banishes old stuff and old webkinz by replacing with new stuff and new Webkinz
  • Li’l Kinz is retired after Webkinz ran out of ideas will be despite
  • It also has an annoying excuse ad that forces you to adopt a pet
  • It is one of the MMO online games and MMO online shames that troll you
  • In the past, stores like dollar stores do sell Webkinz plush pets and other merchandise. But today, you can't find them in stores. So Webkinz isn't popular anymore after it was replaced by some other toys

Likes Edit

  • Deluxe Members (mostly)
  • Full Members
  • Nice Kinzville citizens
  • Miss. Birdy
  • Forcing everyone to adopt a pet
  • Forcing everyone to wait until tomorrow to play their evil daily games again to again
  • Ads and Promotions

Dislikes Edit

  • Free Players
  • Alumni Members